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terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

João Arthur Brunhara Alves Barbosa

João Arthur Brunhara Alves Barbosa is currently a forth-year undergraduate of medicine at University of São Paulo School of Medicine (FMUSP). He was born and raised in São Paulo and attended both elementary and high school at Colégio Bandeirantes, widely recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the country. He was ranked among top performance students throughout elementary school and constantly ranked 1st in high school at exact sciences. During high school he took advanced classes in English, Spanish and Mathematics and had one of his texts chosen for publication in the school's textbook. He entered FMUSP at the age of 17 being ranked 10th at the entrance exam. He was ranked 1st at the entrance exam of other two top notch medical schools, Unifesp and Unicamp. At FMUSP he takes part in several extracurricular activities. He was member of the Neurosurgery Club and the Acupuncture Club and is currently member of the Urology Club and director of the Chronic Kidney Disease Club. João is also student assistant at the department of Surgery, being awarded the Anatomy Mentoring Scholarship. He performs weekly dissections and tutors second-year medical students dissection groups. He also took part of research activities early in college. He has studied ischemia and reperfusion injury in intestinal transplantation with Prof. Luiz Poli de Figueiredo. He is research assistant at the laboratory of Urology, under orientation of Prof. Alberto Antunes. There he currently studies the expression of inflammatory, angiogenic and growth factors in the prostate and angiogenic factors in the bladder of patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Working with Prof. Antunes, he has had a paper accepted for publication in the journal Urologic Oncology regarding the necessity of prostate biopsy in patients with long-standing bladder catheter. He is also research assistant at the laboratory of Experimental Air Pollution, where he studies the effect of air pollution on respiratory function of taxi drivers and traffic control operators, under orientation of Prof. Paulo Saldiva. During college, he has also dedicated himself to the study of Epistemology, Analytical Philosophy, French and Italian. João looks forward to the opportunity of doing research at Children's Hospital under orientation of Prof. Hiep Nguyen. There he expects to get in touch with technologic advances in Urology such as robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery and molecular imaging. He believes this year of research will provide invaluable knowledge and skills acquisition, thus contributing to his studies and bringing novel technological perspectives to FMUSP.

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