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terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010

Lucas Chen

Lucas Chen is currently a third year medical student at FMUSP, who lives in São Paulo, a city that is considered as one of the most populated in the world. The city is home to more than 20 millions of people, with approximately 37 millions of vehicles circulating in its streets. Air pollution and dry air are some of the issues this metropolitan city has to deal with, causing over the years respiratory diseases in its habitants. As an example,in August 2010 Sao Paulohad the dierest air since 1940 and despite the government saying that the air quality is within normal limits, the hospital admissions for respiratory diseases in the Santa Casa Hospital rose 30% over the previous month, and 80% of pneumonia cases are caused by pollution. Concerned about his health and the others who lives in Sao Paulo, Lucas Chen recognized the urgency of a proactive plan to revert this situation and diminish the air pollution. Thus, the opportunity to work in a scientific project regarding environmental health at HSPH under Prof. John Godleski matches with his interest and enables him to experience the methodology of American researcher. Afterwrads, he plans to continue studying environmental health and share his acquired knowledge in this program with his university.
Currently, Lucas Chen is the president of the academic group of Liver Transplant and Surgery, he has dedicated his time researching about organs transplantations and it’s surgery methods. Recently he has joined the Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy academic study group where he learns and experiences anesthesia in surgery procedures. His latest work, entitled as “ Non-heart beating donors in England” was presented in the Joint 6th ELITA-ELTR Annual Meeting 5th International Meeting on Transplantation from Non-Heart Beating Donors. His interest in the medical field are: surgery, cardiology, urology and pathology. To expand his knowledge in such fields, he has recently joined in a research group about comparison between the subendocardial viability index obtained by tonometry, and myocardial perfusion scintigraph, and is pretending to ingress in the urology academic study group.
As for his extra-academic activities, he used swim for the university’s swimming team and practices the acoustic guitar. Every once in a week he takes mandarin classes and studies Chinese drawing.

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